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Beyond the Pool


Swimming Victoria's 2018 ‘Developing Young Leaders’. 

Club Captains and emerging leaders participated in a specifically designed program that focussed on developing leadership skills within their Club and local community.

Clubs were invited to nominate their Club Captains/Vice Captains or swimmers who had the potential to be future leaders and role models within our sport and community.  

2018 Developing Young Leaders with presenters Leigh Russell, Joanne Love and Jerry Grayson

Beyond the Pool Initiative

 ‘Developing Young Leaders’ falls within Swimming Victoria’s Beyond the Pool retention initiative which provides a holistic personal and professional development pathway for swimmers beyond traditional competition. The program supports athletes, who already have a solid grounding through sport, to become true leaders within the community and achieve every success in the workforce.

 ‘Beyond the Pool’ has four key objectives:

  1. Development; To provide personal and professional development to assist swimmers achieve their full potential in and out of the pool.

  2. Support; To provide support to dedicated members of the swimming community through access to programs, development, networks and education.

  3. Opportunities; To provide opportunities that allow swimmers to develop and expand networks within the community, the vocation & education sector and workforce. 

  4. Education; To provide opportunities for swimmers to access formal qualifications through Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and to provide a pathway for swimmers to link with TAFE and Universities.







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