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Club Rebate Program


Club Rebate Program

Club Rebate Program



The Club Rebate Program will provide a cash rebate to clubs who achieve a retention rate of equal to or greater than 80% in the 17/18 season. The rebate will be $500 (Exc. GST) cash paid into the clubs bank account.


The club rebate program was launched in the 16/17 season and rewarded clubs with membership growth. After a year of collecting baseline data it has been found that the majority of clubs rely on new members to increase their membership total. However many clubs would see further growth if they maintained their current members.

SV’s commitment to review the membership model and offerings for 2017-18 has seen Swimming Australia pick up the membership review and a National review process launched. Swimming Victoria acknowledges the delay in implementing the review and therefore will continue the revised Club Rebate Program into the 17/18 season.

The Club Rebate Program will;

  1.     Promote club member growth and in turn SV member growth;
  2.     Invest in clubs;
  3.     Allow clubs to build their resources; and
  4.     Provide a statement of goodwill to clubs in the interim period of the membership review.


The figures used to calculate the clubs scorecard will be taken on May 31st 2017 and May 31st 2018. They represent the end of the current rebate period and allow payments to be made prior to the end of the financial year. Payments are to be paid at the end of the program to ensure calculations account for transfers and lost members.


SV Rebate*

Club Retention of greater than or equal to 80%


“*Rebates are paid plus GST depending on your GST registration status.  A tax invoice will be required to substantiate


To be eligible for a rebate you must achieve a club retention rate of 80% or greater. If this calculation is achieved on the 31st May 2018 Swimming Victoria will rebate to your club $500.00. Clubs may only be eligible for rebate payments if they have no outstanding fees to SV and they had members registered with SV in the 16/17 season. 


To find out more information please contact jacquelinetubb@vic.swimming.org.au

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