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Australian swimming coaches gain their accreditation through a multi-level competency based training system that recognises acquired knowledge, practical experience and coaching performance (in the case of Silver Licence qualification and above). Swimming Victoria in conjuncation with Swimming Australia is responsible for the delivery of accredited swimming coaching courses throughout Victoria. The Bronze Accreditation Course is the beginning of the coaching pathway, with the SwimAustralia Teacher - Competitive Swimming (SAT-CS) course a pre-requisite. 

Swimming Victoria in conjunction with asctaVIC also offer a range of professional development opportunities from workshops, conferences and camps.

Performance & Development Pathway Program

Swimming Victoria in consultation with asctaVIC provides various coaching positions and opportunities within the 2017-18 Performance & Development Pathway Program.

The Performance Squad Program along with the TID Program will be providing coaches who have athletes selected a chance to come together more often and be exposed to practical development on deck with their peers. Experts in the field of swimming will also be brought in to challenge and educate our athletes and coaches. Having many touchpoints across the year will create momentum for Coach Development.

2017 Performance & Development Pathway Program

2017 Performance & Development Pathway Program Coach Selection and Criteria


Inclusive Coaching

Swimming Victoria is committed to providing an environment where all are welcomed and treated equally and we acknowledge the role coaches play in fostering an inclusive culture within their squads.

Good coaches are inclusive coaches. They have the ability to modify and adapt coaching techniques, or skills and drills to suit the individual needs of the swimmer and they are accepting of all swimmers. 

For more tips on being an Inclusive Coach click here


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