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School and the Pool

One of the most difficult tasks is often striking the balance between sports and school. Training and competitions quickly fill up the schedules of our teenage athletes and they are forced to juggle their time. The good news is with a bit of organisation and planning they can optimise their time and be successful at both.

Please click on the links below to read more about finding balance and some really helpful advice from current swimmers who have managed to do both - study and swim well.

Swimming Through VCE

High School and the Swimming Pool


School Weekly & Yearly Planning

2018 promises to be a busy and exciting year! It’s important to plan ahead so you know when you have meets coming up, what your educational/work commitments are, and if there are any conflicts:


Weekly and yearly planners to help you stay organised


Key dates and events:

Swimming Victoria Calendar


Nutrition for your School Day

A young swimmers lunchbox, filled with the right foods, will assist them completing their recovery adequately and continue their preparation for the afternoon session. Like all other aspects of a swimmers training nutrition the swimming nutrition jigsaw is critical throughout the school day. As young swimmers may be eating the majority of their food intake away from the home, making sure their lunchbox is packed with well planned appropriate food choices suitable for swimming performance is essential.

What's in your Tackle Box? Helping junior swimmers tackle their school day!



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