Victorian Development Competition

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Date & Time
Sat, 10/04/2021 to Sun, 11/04/2021
Warm Up | 8:00am - Competition | 9:00am
Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre - Outdoor Pool
30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park
per event

Event Details

The Victorian Development Competition is a new competition which has been added to the Swimming Victoria competition calendar for the 2020/21 season. It is incorporating the Swimming Australia State Based National Age Challenge!

Due to a reduced number of entries and shorter sessions, we will be merging the two sessions into one session each day in order to not make the days too long for swimmers, parents and officials. We will commence at 9am and conclude by approx. 12-12.30pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Event Listing

Qualifying Times | Qualifying times have been adjusted. 

Multi Class Qualifying Times

Competition Information Booklet

Athlete List 

Psych Sheet

Timekeeper Roster

Session Report 

Meet Program | Please be aware that due to low entry numbers the sessions have been merged each day. 

Meet Mobile: 2021 Victorian Development Competition

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