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Finding a club

The best way to get into the sport of swimming is to join a Swimming Club.

Swimming Victoria has a network of more than 140 registered clubs across Victoria. To find the nearest club to where you are, you can check the Swimming Australia Swim Finder

Make sure to get in touch with your chosen Swimming Club to ensure that they will be able to offer you a swimming program that will suit your needs.


Joining a registered club and Swimming Victoria

When contacting your chosen Swimming Club, please make sure to ask them what the best way to join them is.

When joining a registered club you will automatically join Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia and you will be able to access our members’ benefits

For further information please contact your club representative or Swimming Victoria on 03 9230 9400 or via email at:


Membership Fees

Swimming Victoria has published the 2019/20 Schedule of Fees. This includes fees charged by Swimming Victoria to members. Most clubs charge club membership fees on top of the amount indicated and this can be discussed directly with the club.

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