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Life Members

Swimming Victoria Life Membership

For Life Membership the emphasis is on outstanding service or contribution directly to Swimming Victoria and the sport of swimming which requires more than the holding of office(s) and the routine performance of that office(s).

The nominee should already hold a Service Award. In considering the service to Swimming Victoria and the sport, the Board shall consider the following important factors:

(a)   Quality

(b)   Length

(c)   Level of service.

 If considering a nominee under (c) the standards of performance should be taken into account.

 For the Board to recommend a nomination, the nominee should have met one or more of the following guidelines:

(a)   Served at least ten (10) years as a member of the Board or its antecedent bodies.

(b)   Served at least fifteen (15) years as a District Administrator and during this period have been involved directly with the administration of SV.

(c)   Have competed successfully internationally as a member of Australian teams for a minimum of six (6) years.

(d)   Qualified as a Technical Official and worked actively for a period of more than 25 years. Plus, other direct service to SV such as sub-committee service with a minimum of ten (10) years service.

(e)   Other service to SV over a period of time and involvement considered comparable to the above.

The full details of the nomination shall be presented to the Conference when the nomination is being considered

  Mr GF Crane*   1990 Mrs A Palmer*    2016 Mr D Alchin
  Mr FG Richardson*   1990 Mrs M Doak*    2017 Mr A Frame
  Mr H Snape*   1990 Miss E Olson*    2017 Ms L Frame
  Mr G Maynard*   1990 Mrs GE Belfrage*    2017 Mr M Horton
  Mr AR Horton*   1992 Mr RA Woodhouse    2017 Mr D Van de Berg
  Mr C Harsley*   1993 Mr PG Foard*      
  Sir F Beaurepaire KB*   1993 Mrs E Carmichael*      
1932 Mr AE George*   1993 Ms N Stevenson OAM      
1932 Mr JJ Lock*   1996 Mr DG Cook*      
1942 Mr AWB Fawcett*   1996 Mrs M Cain*      
1945 Mr T Richardson*   1997 Mr JR Bowen*      
1945 Mr HA Bennett*   1997 Mrs AM Hanlon      
1947 Mr SJL Harris*   2000 Dr AD Woodhouse      
1947 Mr SC Becktold*   2001 Mr M Klim OAM      
1952 Mr AN Blue*   2002 Mrs PM Digby      
1953 Mr WTJ Uren CBE*   2002 Mr LJ Cooper      
1954 Mr G King*   2005 Mr M Welsh OAM      
1954 Mr LS Warner*   2008 Mr R Ness      
1955 Mr WH Slade MBE, KsJ*   2008 Mr P Sanderson      
1961 Mr B Powell*   2008 Ms B Hanson      
1962 Mr A Monaghan BEM*   2009 Mr M Digby      
1963 Mr LM Phillips*   2009 Mrs M Smith      
1963 Mr HHB Ive*   2010 Mr R Davis      
1966 Mr BA Carter*   2010 Mr E Tullberg      
1968 Mr HE Belfrage*   2011 Mrs S Reece      
1976 Mr GA Hare OAM   2011 Mr C Tucker      
1978 Mr CW Millar*   2011 Miss J Smith OAM      
1983 Mr RW Carmichael OAM*   2011 Miss J Smith OAM      
1990 Mrs D Quinton*   2011 Mr R Alexander      
1990 Miss JJ Davies*   2014 Mr D Arnold      



Clubs, Districts or individual members are invited to nominate Swimming Victoria members for the honour of Life Membership.

Nominees must meet the criteria specified on the nomination form; confirming their long and meritorious service with Swimming Victoria.

Life Membership Nomination Form

Further information regarding the nomination and selection of Life Members can be found in our General By-Laws:

BL6 - Awards


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