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Meet Approvals

All Swimming Victoria Championship events require swimmers to qualify with times swum at Swimming Victoria Approved Meets. Approved Meets are endorsed by Swimming Victoria as swim meets that meet the minimum setup and minimum Technical Official requirements.

The Event Host must apply to Swimming Victoria for a Meet Approval within 7 working days of the meet being held. If the meet has been endorsed as an Approved Meet it is then added to Swimming Victoria Approved Meet Listing and the results are uploaded to the National Results Database so that the times can be used for online entries.


Please consider the following when planning a proposed approved meet:

Online Entries

Swimmers can only use entry times for Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia Championship events that have been achieved at state approved meets. It is essential that accurate results data is obtained for this system to operate effectively.

Meet Approval Levy

All Clubs and Districts wishing to submit their meet as a Swimming Victoria Approved Meet must pay a fee of $1 per entry (not per swimmer). Swimming Victoria suggests that this levy be added to the entry fee cost for the event. If a Club/District does not charge entry fees, the Swimming Victoria Meet Approval Levy will not apply.

Files for Download

Meet Validation Certificate

Swimming Victoria Approved Meet Results

Requirements for Qualifying Meets as of 04/07/2016

Officials Requirements


All Swimming Victoria Approved Meets must have a minimum number of officials accredited under the Swimming Australia National Officiating Program (NOP) Scheme.

NOP   Accredited Officials - Minimum Requirement

NOP   Qualified Referee (i.e R1, R2, R3)

Minimum x 1

NOP   Qualified Starter (i.e. S1, S2, S3)

Minimum x 1

Other   NOP Qualified Referees (as above) or Judges of Strokes

Minimum x 2

Total   of 4 NOP Qualified Officials required

PLEASE NOTE:  The roster listing all Officials officating at the meet must be submitted with the meet approval paperwork - this is an new requirment as of 1 July 2016.

If you require Swimming Victoria Officials at your upcoming Club or District swim meet, you can directly contact a range of Swimming Victoria NOP Accredited Officials. Please click here to access the Technical Officials Contact List. All of the SV Officials listed have provided SV with permission for their contact details to be published and will be welcoming to any requests to officiate.

School Meets

Swimming Victoria provides a fee-based service to all non-affiliated Swimming Victoria groups to source officials for their upcoming swim meets. The Request for Officials Form is to be completed and returned to Swimming Victoria a minimum of one month prior to the date of the swim meet.


Officials Requirements Meets with Non Registered Swimmers (Encouragement Meets)

Swimming Victoria Competition By-Law 1.3 states that "Permission must be obtained from the Board to have both registered and non-registered competitors in the one program". Essentially, Clubs and Districts must apply in writing to open their swim meets to non-registered swimmers. A request for this permission must be emailed to the SV Event Administrator via email events@vic.swimming.org.au.

Following the event, Clubs and Districts are required to forward the names and contact details of any competitors that participated that are not current members of Swimming Victoria. This covers the insurance requirements associated with having the non-members compete.

Clash of Dates with Swimming Victoria Championship Events. 

It is important to be aware of any upcoming Swimming Victoria Championship events in the planning for any swim meets. SV Competition By Law 1.6 states that "Clubs and Districts wishing to conduct an open swim meet on the same dates as the Victorian Championships or Country Championships must request approval from the Board. The Board has the right to withhold approval for a meet if it is in direct competition with the above meets".

Permission to hold a meet on the same day as a Swimming Victoria Championship meet must be directed to SV Event Administrator, via; events@vic.swimming.org.au.


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