2023/24 Season - Competition Update

01 June 2023
MSAC indoor Pool
Written by: Swimming Victoria

The 2023/24 season is fast approaching, and we’ve got some important updates we want to let you know about…

2023 Victorian Open & Age SC Championship Event Listings

The Event Listings for the Victorian Open & Age SC Championships are now available via the following links:

Victorian Open SC Championships

Victorian Age SC Championships

Please note, 12 year old para swimmers only to be swimming during the Age SC Championships. Any 12 year old able-bodied swimmers will be competing during the Open SC Championships.

Age is taken at the first day of competition (for both Age & Open SC Championships), so if a 12yr old was to age up between the two events, they can decide which event they swim at, however it cannot be both.

We are excited to advise that Able-Bodied & Para Relay Events will be running at both Championships, please refer to the event pages for further details to be released soon.  

A reminder that the closing dates have changed for these events. Entries will now close at 12pm on the Monday two weeks prior to the competition. Closing dates are as follows:

Victorian Open SC Championships – 12pm (midday) Monday 7 August, anyone achieving a time at Country Championships only to be allowed to enter via Swim Central by 12pm Monday 14 August.
Victorian Age SC Championships – 12pm (midday) Monday 21 August

Multi-Class Qualifying Times

Following an extensive analysis, the MC Qualifying Times for both Victorian Age and Victoria Open Short Course and Long Course Championships are now available on our website. There will be no multi-class qualifying time this year for the Country & Metro Championships, to engage participation across all members and promote inclusion in competitive swimming, which aligns with our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy.

2023 Victorian Relay Competition

Don’t forget to get your team together for the Victorian Relay Competition!

The Victorian Relay Competition will be held on Saturday 24 June at MSAC and is open to all Swimming Victoria members and swimmers who are not currently registered with a club.

It’s not a qualifying meet, so the pressure is off, and the focus is on teamwork, fun and participation with unique relays designed for everyone.

Entries are preferred to be via Swim Central from Club Administrators. Alternatively, Manual Entry Forms are available to enter. These need to be emailed to events@vic.swimming.org.au by 12pm Monday 19 June.

For more information click here.

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