Strategic Plan – Progress & Achievements – May 2023

08 June 2023
Strategic Plan – Progress & Achievements – May 2023
Written by: Swimming Victoria

The team at Swimming Victoria have been making important progress as we work towards the goals outlined in our 2021 – 2028 Strategic Plan, Swimming 2028 – Inspiring Victoria to Swim.

This important plan supports Swimming Australia’s initiatives to ‘Inspire Australia to Swim’ as we look towards the 2032 home Olympic and Paralympic Games and provides an important framework for our operations as we move towards our 2028 operational goals in three vital areas:

  • Safe and Inclusive Swimming Environments
  • Quality Programs and Activities for All Members
  • Strong and Collaborative Organisation

While the Plan is formally reviewed each year, Swimming Victoria assesses progress each six months against the KPIs we set, so we can report back to you on our progress and also set targeted operational plans for the next six months.

We were pleased to release the Swimming Victoria – Inspiring Victoria to Swim Strategy Progress Report May 2023, which charts our progress over the past six months. 

Here are some of the highlights…

To provide safer and more inclusive swimming environments, we launched our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy. The strategy focuses on building the foundations of an inclusive culture that will drive and contribute to our long-term sustainability and ongoing success. A webinar and resources were delivered to members to educate them on the strategy.

As a new opportunity for member engagement, we launched Swim League, a fun and innovative spin on traditional competition. Successful pilots were held in Mildura and Melbourne with further opportunities planned for the 2023/24 season.

We have continued to work towards improving the quality of programs and activities, gathering and publishing important data including how many Club and District competitions include multi class and long distance events at their meets.

We distributed our first Competition Insight Survey to help us better understand how engaged and satisfied members are with SV competitions. Respondents indicated they felt an average of 4/5 in terms of engagement across the short course season. Feedback gained will help us to grow and improve our competitions.

To develop a collaborative network for coaches to share sessions and sets via peer education we have held monthly meetings which will continue in 2023. We’ve also added additional clinics, meets and tours to the calendar to give more opportunities to athletes and coaches.

Finally, we have done some important work internally to ensure Swimming Victoria remains strong and financially secure. This has included developing a commercial strategy and drafting a working plan for an Environmental Awareness Strategy with an EOI released for a Sustainability Working Group.

View the full progress report here.

There is still work to be done, of course. We are working on new KPIs to drive us forward and remain committed to being accountable to you. You can view our new goals and KPIs here and we’ll provide a further progress update in November 2023.

We know we won’t hit every goal, every time. But we’ll always report our progress and achievements honestly and provide clear plans on how we will continue to move towards our goals of growing participation and enhancing the experience of competitive swimming for all Victorians, well into the future.

View all our past strategic forecasts and progress reports here.  


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