Vics strong at Australian Open Water Championships

20 February 2023
Aus OW Champs
Written by: Swimming Victoria

Victoria's open water swimmers took to the crystal-clear waters of Busselton, Western Australia for the Australian Open Water Championships from 25-28 January.

It was a strong start from the Vics with 4 medallists on day 1 which was a massive result! Well done to our 10km medallists, Tommy Lane (Haileybury Aquatic) 2nd in the Men's 18 Years and Dakoda Mathers (Nunawading) 3rd in the Women's 18 Years, and our 7.5km medallists, Logan Brandi (Melbourne Swimming Club) 2nd in the Boy’s 16 Years and Mackenzie Hunter (MLC Aquatic) 3rd in the Girl’s 17 Years. 

We had another 4 medallists in the 5km event with Tommy Lane claiming Gold the Boy’s 18 Years and Silver medals to Mackenzie Hunter (MLC Aquatic) in the Girl’s 17 Years, Sophie Jacka (Melbourne Swimming Club) in the Girl’s 15 Years and Ben Morrison in the 5km Multi Class event.

Congratulations to all our Victorian swimmers on their fantastic results.


Robbe Dilissen (Western Melbourne Propulsion) - 11th Men’s Open

Clare Milligan (Haileybury Aquatic) - 4th Women’s 19 Years

Domi Hart (Western Melbourne Propulsion) - 15th Women’s Open

Ciara Walsh (MLC Aquatic) - 6th Women’s 19 Years


Noah O'Donnell (Western Melbourne Propulsion) - 7th Boy’s 17 Years

Connor Hayes (Doncaster Templestowe) - 8th Boy’s 17 Years

4 x 1.5km Relay

Haileybury Aquatic - 8th

Surrey Park - 9th

Boy’s 15 Years 5km

Aidan McGee (Geelong) - 18th

Men's Open 5km

Robbe Dilissen (Western Melbourne Propulsion) - 11th

Flynn Philips (Surrey Park) - 20th

Harvey Lanigan (Nunawading) - 21st

Matthew Burns (Surrey Park) - 31st

Mitchell Wills (Melton) - 32nd

Women's Open 5km

Domi Hart (Western Melbourne Propulsion) - 9th

Brianna Bond (Flyers) - 16th

Boy’s 18 Years 5km

Jesse Phillips (Surrey Park) - 17th

Girl’s 18 Years 5km

Dakota Mathers (Nunawading) - 4th

Breahna Burgess (Surrey Park) - 5th

Madeline Burns (Surrey Park) - 13th

Boy’s 19 Years 5km

Harry Hay (MLC Aquatic) - 8th

Girl’s 19 Years 5km

Clare Milligan (Haileybury Aquatic) - 4th

Ciara Walsh (MLC Aquatic) - 7th

Boy’s 16 Years 5km

Logan Brandi (Melbourne Swimming Club) - 6th

Tharusha Perera (Haileybury Aquatic) - 17th

Girl’s 16 Years 5km

Catherine Boyle (Melbourne Swimming Club) - 4th

Mia Horskins (Surrey Park) - 20th

Courtney Mudge (Doncaster Templestowe) - 28th 

Boy’s 17 Years 5km

Noah O'Donnell (Western Melbourne Propulsion) - 4th

Conor Hayes (Doncaster Templestowe) - 8th  

Girl’s 17 Years 5km

Emma Harrison (Haileybury Aquatic) - 13th  

For full results click here.

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