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Service Award

The standard or level of service required is the routine performance of the function or office(s) over the prescribed period, e.g. service as a racing official requires regular attendance at competition meets. Irregular or spasmodic attendance would not qualify the nominee.

For the Board to grant an award the nominee should have served swimming for a period of not less than seven (7) years as:

(a)   Technical Official of SV

(b)   District Official or Administrator

(c)   Council Representative

(d)   Or have other service the Board may consider comparable.

The Board may accept nomination of competitors who have represented the sport at Australian Open Championships for a period of six (6) years.

Any individual member may submit a nomination for a Service Award.

Service Award Nomination Form

Service Award Nomination Form - WORD Format

Service Award Past Recipients


Meritorious Service Award

This award is for service to the Association (ie Swimming Victoria) over an extended period, it is unlikely that service of less than twelve years would qualify. The nominee should already hold a Swimming Victoria Service Award.

The service should have been provided to the sport outside of the nominees home club environment, ie much of the service would need to be either at District level or direct to the Association as an official or as a committee representative.

As the name indicates, it is for meritorious service and as such merely being an official or committee member for the period is not acceptable service. Nominations need to show that the service is of an appropriate level.

To be nominated it is expected that the nominee will have provided service direct to the Association for at least 12 years, over and above normal club and/or district service; examples of appropriate service:

            (a)        Technical Official of SV

            (b)        Service on SV Committees

            (c)        Honorary service to SV

            (d)        Other service which the Board may consider appropriate.


The nominee would normally be expected to hold the SV Service Award.

Full details of service to the sport being put forward should be included on the nomination form prior to submission to SV. The Board will consider the quality of the service as well as the length in arriving at its recommendation.

Nominations may be made by any two members of the Association.

Meritorious Service Award Nomination Form

Meritorious Service Award Nomination Form - WORD Format

Meritorious Service Award Past Recipients


Swimming Victoria Life Membership

For Life Membership the emphasis is on outstanding service or contribution directly to Swimming Victoria and the sport of swimming which requires more than the holding of office(s) and the routine performance of that office(s).

The nominee should already hold a Service Award. In considering the service to Swimming Victoria and the sport, the Board shall consider the following important factors:

(a)   Quality

(b)   Length

(c)   Level of service.

 If considering a nominee under (c) the standards of performance should be taken into account.

 For the Board to recommend a nomination, the nominee should have met one or more of the following guidelines:

(a)   Served at least ten (10) years as a member of the Board or its antecedent bodies.

(b)   Served at least fifteen (15) years as a District Administrator and during this period have been involved directly with the administration of SV.

(c)   Have competed successfully internationally as a member of Australian teams for a minimum of six (6) years.

(d)   Qualified as a Technical Official and worked actively for a period of more than 25 years. Plus, other direct service to SV such as sub-committee service with a minimum of ten (10) years service.

(e)   Other service to SV over a period of time and involvement considered comparable to the above.

The full details of the nomination shall be presented to the Conference when the nomination is being considered


For a list of Swimming Victoria Life Members and nomination forms please click here



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