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School Ambassador Program


School Ambass Program

Are you a School Teacher or employed by a School? Do you have a passion for swimming? If so, Swimming Victoria needs you to act as a School Ambassador.

The program aims to resource, recognise, support and reward those who strongly promote swimming in their school and community.

The vision of the Swimming Victoria School Ambassador Program is to create proactive, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships between school communities and Swimming Victoria clubs.

School Ambassadors will be used as a platform to ensure school communities have access to all relevant Swimming Victoria programs and information including but not limited to; professional development opportunities, officiating and coaching courses, running a carnival guide and support as well as other resources that will help build a mutually beneficial relationship between schools and clubs.

The main roles of a Swimming Victoria School Ambassador include:



Most School Ambassador's provided permission for Swimming Victoria to publicise their information on this Swimming Victoria website to assist in their role as a School Ambassador (name, school, position/title and email address).


LIST OF SCHOOL AMBASSADORS (current as at 28 July 2016)

       School Ambassadors - Excel Document




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