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Play it Safe By the Water


The Play it Safe by the Water campaign (PISBTW) commenced in 1998. The campaign is supported by the Victorian Government and has linked a number of aquatic-related industries with a common objective of reducing the number of drownings in Victoria and increasing the awareness among the Victoria community about water safety.

The main feature of campaign is Water Safety Week, focusing around a media campaign to complement awareness and education activities, which encourage lifesaving clubs and aquatic facilities to get involved and promote the importance of water safety prior to the peak summer season.



Play it Safe by the Water Promotional Video 


Play it Safe Messaging


World Champion Linley Frame talks about being safe in the water


Ahmed Kelly - Water Safety Message





The information on the site will help you learn how to be safe at the beach, at the river, by the pool and while boating and fishing.

www.watersafety.vic.gov.au is brought to you by the Victorian Government's ‘Play it Safe by the Water’ campaign, which is actively working towards increasing community awareness of water safety.  It contains water safety information to assist you be safe at the beach, at the river, by the pool and while boating and fishing. 

Swimming Victoria encourages all members to be safe around water, swim with a friend and look out for children and toddlers around water.





Life Saving Victoria offer a range of resources for Schools, including: 




Everyone should be aware of Rip Currents before entering the beach.  Be aware and stay safe.

Rip currents are strong currents of water flowing away from shore through the surf zone. They are a strong force and on any give day, there are about 17,000 rips at beaches around Australia.




Water Safety Guide  - Click Here




Did you know that the Yarra River is the top third drowning black spot in Australia behind The Murray and Brisbane Rivers? 31 people have drowned in the Yarra River since 2000, mostly in the CBD. Alcohol is a contributing factor to 80% of these cases and many were males in their 20s and tourists. As part of the Respect The River Campaign in association with Royal Life Saving Society Australia, Life Saving Victoria has produced six short videos outlining the hidden dangers of the Yarra River.

Respect the River Video

Campaign Infomation 




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