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Beyond the Black Line

Beyond the Black Line is a workshop created for swimmers, by swimmers, and delivered to swimmers.

This is an opportunity to learn from some of our past, present and emerging Australian swimmers as they talk about experiences they’ve had during their career.

Beyond the Black Line is for 11 – 16+ year old girls and 13 – 18+ year old boys

The programs are designed to help athletes navigate the journey through puberty and beyond by hearing about swimmers personal stories and creating an environment to openly discuss challenges that occur along the way.

Workshops provide a safe environment for boys and girls in separate sessions to listen, learn and talk about what is going in their club and beyond.

Beyond the Black Line is a conversation starter.

 With members of the Australian Dolphins family as facilitators, sharing their own experiences and encouraging conversation, this FREE 90 minute workshop covers many issues young kids face today with swimming the obvious conduit.

 Topics covered include:

 The workshops are run separately for boys and girls with a preferred group size of no more than 30. All that clubs need to provide when hosting is AV (computer, screen & sound) and a room.

 If you would like your club to access this FREE workshop, please complete the Expression of Interest form and send it to info@australianswimmers.com.au


 Watch an overview of the Program

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