Resources & Support

General Officiating Resources & Support:

Pool Deck Protocols (updated 11/3/2018) CLICK HERE
Quick reference Infraction Card (updated May 2018) CLICK HERE
Protests and Juries of Appeal Procedures CLICK HERE
Swimming Victoria Protest Form CLICK HERE
Rule Tolerance CLICK HERE
Guidelines for 11/under race suits CLICK HERE
Swimming Victoria Backstroke Ledge Guidelines (May 2018) CLICK HERE
Backstroke Ledges - information on how to install

CLICK HERE (video)



Swimming Australia requires all Technical Officials who nominate for National Rosters are required to undertake match-fixing education. For more information, CLICK HERE

Match Fixing Training CLICK HERE
SAL Overseas Technical Official Participation Policy CLICK HERE


Further Resources & Support:

Club Help: A comprehensive website developed by Leisure Networks listing everything club volunteers need to know.  

Australian Sports Commission (ASC): A large range of resources for all officials in the sport of Swimming.

Play By the Rules: The Play by the Rules website provides news, resources and free online training to assist sport and recreation clubs and administrators, officials, coaches, players and spectators to keep sport safe, fair and inclusive.


  • Shirts
  • Swimming Victoria supplies polo shirts for Technical Officials who officiate at its events. 

    There are new polos for Technical Officials for the 2018/19 season. These have been ordered from our sponsor, Evo Sportswear. They are to be worn at Swimming Victoria meets and will be offered to all Technical Officials who have attained qualifications above General Principles and Timekeeper/Chief Timekeeper, and who are appointed to officiate at Swimming Victoria meets.

    For those who meet these requirements, two short sleeve and one long sleeve polo will be available. More details regarding these uniforms will be sent out soon however, in the meantime, please let us know your sizing preferences by clicking here.  

    CLICK HERE to view events that qualify

    Additional shirts can be purchased at $45.00 (short sleeve) and $55 (long sleeve). Contact

    Below is a list of what Officials should wear at Swimming Victoria meets.

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  • Name Badges
  • Technical Officials can request Swimming Victoria branded name badges to wear at events. Please email

  • Hats
  • Swimming Victoria can request Swimming Victoria branded sun hats to wear at events. Please email 

  • Vests and Weatherproof jackets
  • Swimming Victoria vests and weatherproof jackets are available from the Officials Club.  Order forms are available by CLICKING HERE.

  • Old Shirts
  • Excess stock of the old white Officials polos is free to all Swimming Victoria registered officials until they are all gone. However, these polos can only be worn at Club and District meets. If you would like one, please email us your sizing preference to 

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