Levelling The Deck Scholarship


Our sporting communities are better when everyone feels safe and supported to participate. At every level of sport, we can all play a role in creating a more welcoming space for everyone.

Swimming Victoria (SV), in partnership with Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV), is launching Safer Swimming Spaces, to equip everyone in aquatic sports with knowledge and skills to nurture diverse teams and make our spaces more inclusive and welcoming.

Through education and training, Safer Swimming Spaces will reduce the rate of toxic behaviours occurring within the aquatics community to create inclusive swimming spaces and build the size and diversity of the swimming workforce and participation base.

In partnership with SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia's 'Levelling the Deck' initiative, we want to grow the workforce's awareness of the harmful effects of toxic behaviours. The program will provide access to SBS Inclusion Program, Australia’s leading online inclusion training course, with content on First Nations Australians, LGBTIQ+ identities, gender equity, disability, cultural and generational diversity, and appropriate workplace behaviours. It also provides access to educational and advocacy materials and practical ideas for implementing learning.

We are pleased to offer Levelling the Deck scholarships available to athletes, coaches, volunteers, and staff in aquatics sports who would like to make a positive contribution to achieving these aims. Valued at $79 each, we invite interested parties to apply via the link below and tell us in 50 words or less why this opportunity would be beneficial to you in your role and the broader aquatics industry.

Together, we can ensure the benefits of sport to health and wellbeing are fully accessible to everyone. If you aspire to lead the progression in your aquatic community and would like to be considered for a scholarship.

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