The Abilities Program

The Abilities Program has been launched to provide more opportunities for people with disability to connect with the Victorian swimming community and to progress through our multiclass competition and participation pathways. Whilst this is not a learn to swim experience, those with basic swimming ability are encouraged to come along and experience the joy of swimming in a relaxed club event with the support of dedicated coaches, chat to members of the club and learn more about the pathways available.

Through the Abilities Program, Swimming Victoria hopes to encourage more coaches and officials to come along and support people with disability to engage in the club environment and to encourage the provision of more dedicated events across the State.

The Abilities Program is free to attend.

Upcoming Events:


The benefits of swimming are wide and multifaceted and can be amplified for people with a disability who may face additional stresses and life challenges. Swimming Australia's Community Impact Study 2020 highlights that:

  • Swimming is intertwined as part of our national fabric
  • Water safety is a life-saving skill learned only through swimming
  • Swimming teaches resilience and determination, work ethic, time management and commitment
  • Swimming offers pathways from the local pool to the Olympics and Paralympics for both athletes and officials
  • Swimming is for all abilities, ages and backgrounds
  • Swimmers feel twice as healthy as the general population, 11% less stressed and have 10% more contact with their social network
  • Swimming uses every available muscle to energise, invigorate and relax the mind, body and soul.

This is why Swimming Victoria has launched The Abilities Program -  to ensure more people with disability can receive the therapeutic and physical benefits of being a member of the swimming community and more opportunities to swim with cohesive pathways to all levels of the sport.

View the Club Resource here

If your club would like to host The Abilities Program, please get in touch here

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