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  • Technical and Officials Development Committee

    To help implement the strategic direction and vision of swimming across Victoria, the Technical Committee will advise the Board on all matters relating to the technical development and education of Officials on Victoria.


    Chair: Hayden Collins

    Appointed Members: Jackie Madden, Greg Langford, Sally Whitehouse, Louise Mellington, Joffre Charles, Ken Lindner, Madelief Johnston & Craig Martin

    Board Liaison: Heather O'Connor 

    SV Technical Committee Charter

  • Competitions and Pathways Committee

    The Competitions and Pathways Committee is to advise the SV Board and the SV Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on matters relating to swimming competitions conducted by or under the auspices of SV. In particular it shall make recommendations to the Board via the SV CEO to ensure that all such competitions are in line with and conform to SV’s Strategic Plan.


    Chair: Joanne Love

    SV Appointed Members: Joanne Love, Don Alchin, Brian Ford, Phil Clark, Sarah Scott, Katrina Schlicht

    Board Liaison: Heather O'Connor


    Competitions & Pathways Committee Charter

  • Nominations and Remuneration Committee

    The Nominations & Remuneration Committee is responsible for assisting the SV Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to;

      i. Matters relating to the composition and structure of the Board; 

     ii. Matters relating to senior executive selection and remuneration; and 

     iii. Other matters as required. 



    SV Appointed Members: Stuart Carruthers, Sue Eaves, Louise Tebbutt

    SV Board Liaison: Susan Smith


    Nominations & Remuneration Committee Charter

  • Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee

    The Swimming Victoria Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (SV D&I-AC) is responsible for supporting Swimming Victoria to motivate all of those involved Victorian swimming to recognise that it is important to champion diversity and inclusion at all levels and areas of our sport.

    The following key areas will be addressed by this Committee:

    • Assist with the development of SV’s Diversity and Inclusion framework, programs and action plans.
    • Monitor and report to the Board on the effectiveness SV’s Diversity and Inclusion framework, programs and action plans. 
    • Assist with SV’s Diversity and Inclusion Communication strategy and plans.
    • Provide advice to SV management and Board as may be requested from time to time in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion. 
    • Act as diversity sponsors and advocate to raise awareness amongst staff and members.



    Chair: Matthew Haanappel

    Appointed Members: Corinne Caramia, Jeremy Tidy, Kodie Webb, Leanne White, Roman Ruzbacky, Megan Stevens

    Board Liaison: Matthew Haanappel


    DIAC Terms of Reference

  • Audit & Risk Management Committee

    Pursuant to Swimming Victoria (SV) By Law BL1 Committees, the Audit and Risk Management Committee (Committee) has
    been established to advise the SV Board and the SC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on matters relating to audit and risk



    Chair: Leigh Taylor

    Appointed Members: Leigh Taylor, Martin Aubree, Jason Hellwig, Dean Fester

    Board Liaison: Shelley Bowen & Ella Keogh

    SV Officer: Jacqueline Tubb

    Audit & Risk Management Committee Charter

  • Finance Committee

    To implement the strategic direction and vision in relation to Finance, Audit and Risk Management to assist and build the vision of Swimming Victoria. The following key areas of Swimming Victoria will be addressed by this Committee:

    • Strategic direction and planning
    • Financial Management
    • Audit Control
    • Policy Development & Control




    Appointed Members: 

    Board Liaison: Susan Smith

    Finance Committee Charter

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