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We are going through an unprecedented time as we work together to suppress the COVID-19 Pandemic.  At Swimming Victoria we are working hard to support our clubs during this time while also making sure the sport is ready and better than ever when the pools open again.  We will continually update the resources below to help your club committee through this challenging time. Please check back to this page regularly as the situation evolves. 


Swimming Victoria has developed a 'Frequently asked Questions' Documents specifically in relation to the covid-19 situation. Click here to read the FAQ's

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) releases an update daily on the current situation. These can be accessed here. All clubs are now encouraged to consider new ways of operating and delivering services to their members. Please see the resources below to help you achieve this. 

Club Resources

  • COVID-19 Return to Pool Information & Templates
  • Swimming Victoria has now released their framework for the return of swimming in club Environments. To view the document, please click on the following link:

    SV Return to Play Plan - Return of Swimming in Club Environments

    Community Sport Postcode Restrictions Update

    The following templates are available to be used by Club's and Coaches to assist with their preparation to return to the pool. All templates can be copied to a Club letterhead to form part of the Clubs COVID-19 Return to the Pool Processes. Clubs can choose to use all or some of these guides but must always abide by the governments current regulations.

    The advice and information in these guidelines and associated templates are of a general nature only. They do not constitute legal or other professional advice and ought not be relied upon without seeking specific advice applicable to your circumstances.

    Club Return to Play Plan Template

    Club Safety Plan Template

    Club Return to Swimming Checklist Template

    Club Member Return to Training Questionnaire Template

    Training Attendance Register Template

    COVID-19 Positive Result Plan Template

    Swimming & Training Social Distancing Layout

    Club Finance Checklist

    Club Safety Coordinator Responsibilities

    ASC Simple Checklist for sporting organisations

    Return to Play - Coach Feedback


  • Competition Updates & Advice
  • SV Competitions:

    2020/21 SEASON UPDATE (21-07-2020)

    Return to Competition Plan

    Complete 2020/21 Competition Calendar


    Competitions Committee Update (14-07-2020)

    The Competitions & Pathways Committee are continuing to plan for 2021 competitions. 

    Event programs for short course competitions will be reviewed at the August meeting following the next Victorian Government advice at the conclusion of the State of Emergency (August 16th). 

    The Committee will continue to re-evaluate the calendar and ensure it provides a meaningful and logical return to competition for all members in Victoria. 

    Competitions Update (30-06-2020)

    Due to the current situation our sport and wider swimming community are facing in response to COVID-19, Swimming Victoria has made the decision to postpone the commencement of the 2020/21 Competition season. All short course competitions scheduled to begin in August will now begin in November 2020. Further details on specific competition dates will be communicated to all members in the coming weeks.

    Competitions Committee Update (23-06-2020)

    The Competitions & Pathways Committee has developed an alternative solution for the 2020/21 Competition Calendar which will be put forward for approval to the SV Board of Directors at their upcoming meeting. 

    Once a decision is made Swimming Victoria will communicate these changes to all members. 

    Competitions Committee Update (19-05-2020)

    The Competitions & Pathways Committee would like to advise of the following:

    Preparations are still continuing to commence for the 20/21 competition season as planned from 1st July.

    Potential date changes to the 2020/21 competition calendar are being discussed. Once further Victorian government advice is confirmed on the 21st June the Committee will discuss this impact at the next meeting.

    Discussions around virtual competitions are still taking place at the club, district, and state level.

    More detailed information will be made available after the next meeting on 23rd June.

    Competitions Committee Update (23-04-2020)

    The Competitions and Pathways Committee would like to advise that preparations to commence the 20/21 competition season as planned from the 1st July will still continue. A calendar of current scheduled dates can be found here.  

    The Committee have held discussions regarding potential changes to the 2020/21 Competition calendar, particularly the Short Course season should the covid-19 pandemic continue to interrupt plans. The Committee will reconvene once further Victorian Government advice is provided on the 11th May, to continue these discussions.

    Virtual competitions were considered as an alternate solution and will be discussed further during the May meeting should there be no change to the availability of pools or training in the foreseeable future.

    Club Competitions:

    Swimming Victoria is developing a Return to Competition Plan which will include resources for Clubs and Districts to guide them through their return to competition. Further information will be released in the coming weeks.

Additional Resources

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