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  • 2023 Webinars
  • Webinar: SV Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy 2023 - 26
    Tuesday 23 May 7:30pm Replay | Slides | Strategy

    We invite you to hear about our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy. We'll take you through it's development and our commitment over the next 3 years to work with our clubs to continue to improve accessibility for all in our swimming communities. Clare Burton, SV Sport Development Manager will facilitate the session with DIAC members Matt Haanappel OAM PLY and Roman Ruzbacky, along with contributors Veema Mooniapah and Jill Sears.

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    Webinar: Strategic Planning & Grant Writing
    Tuesday 7 March at 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Replay | Slides

    Webinar: Officials Development - Hawk-Eye Information session
    Thursday 2 March, 7:30 - 8:30pm  Replay | Slides | System Overview Video

  • 2022 Webinars
  • Developing Club Skills Series

    Webinar one: Meet Manager for Clubs
    Thursday 27 October, 8-9pm Replay

    Webinar two: Swim Central for Clubs
    Thursday 3 November, 8-9pm Replay

    Webinar three: Club Team Management at State & National Championships
    Thursday 1 December, 8-9pm Replay | Slides

    2022 Disability & Inclusion Series

    Webinar one: 2022 Commonwealth Games Wrap Up with Ash McConnell, Col Pearse and Sam Williamson
    Thursday 20 October, 8-9pm Replay Slides

    Webinar Two: Classification for Swimmers with Disability
    Thursday 10 November, 8-9pm Replay

    Webinar Three: Inclusion for Clubs
    Thursday 24 November, 8-9pm Replay

    2022 Club Webinar Series: People and Processes

    Webinar One: SWIM Jobs Victoria – Revitalising the aquatic industry
    Thursday 2 June, 8pm – 9pm  Replay Slides

    Meet the SWIM Jobs Victoria team, to discuss how the project is changing the Aquatics industry, how to recruit for your club and a community reflection of aquatic venues. 

    Webinar Two: MARSH - Club Insurance Explained
    Thursday 23 June, 8pm – 9pm  Replay Slides

    Meet the MARSH team and hear how our policy works for your club.

    Webinar Three: SWIM Coaches & Teachers Association – Coach & Swim Teacher Employment
    Thursday 28 July, 8pm – 9pm  Replay Slides

    Meet the SWIM Coaches & Teachers Association (SCTA) team as we present a club case study on ensuring coach and teacher entitlements. 

    Webinar Four: Panel discussion - Positives of Community Sport
    Thursday October 13, 8pm – 9pm  Replay Slides

    Let’s chat through the positives of swimming clubs with our panel:

    Gary Barclay, GM Performance Pathways at Swimming Australia  
    Joanne Love – Sports Consultant, SCTA President
    Michelle Harris – Senior Consultant at GippSport and SV Director

  • 2021 Webinars
  • 2021 Multi Class Webinar Series

    The Para Athlete Experience - Thu 2 Dec 2021 - Replay

    Classification & Competitions - Thu 18 Nov 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Coping with Lockdown - Mon 4 Oct 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Club Leadership and Development Series

    Managing financial risk and simple tools for clubs - how the war chest mentality saved a sport. – Tues 26 Oct 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Operational planning - what is it and how to create one for your club? – Tues 5 Oct 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Strategic Planning basics - why plan for the future? – Tues 14 Sep 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Club Relationship Management Series

    Club & Facility Partnership - Tues 20 July 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Club & Coach Relationship – Tues 27 April 2021 -  Replay | Slides

    Swimmer & Coach Partnership – Tues 25 May 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Parent & Coach Partnership – Tues 22 June 2021 - Replay | Slides

    Parent Session | Technical Official Session

    SV Insurance explained - Q&A - 20 October

    Risk Management - it's not just about the money - 3 September

    The three 'R's of Volunteers - Recruit, Retain and Reward - 13 August

    Policies & Procedures - What's in it for me? - 30 July

    Virtual AGM's and Other Compliance Stuff Made Easy - 2 July

    Coach and club engagement - What can you do and what can you charge? - 23 April

    How to be a great swimming club when there is no swimming - 16 April

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