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Finding a club

The best way to get into the sport of swimming is to join a Swimming Club.

Swimming Victoria has a network of more than 130 registered clubs across Victoria. To find the nearest club to where you are, you can check the Swimming Australia Swim Finder

Make sure to get in touch with your chosen Swimming Club to ensure that they will be able to offer you a swimming program that will suit your needs.


Joining a registered club and Swimming Victoria

All of our swimming clubs should be able to instruct you on how to join them via Swim Central. Prior to signing up you will need to know which club membership package you will need to purchase (this can change from club to club).

When joining a registered club you will automatically join Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia and you will be able to access our members’ benefits

For further information please contact your club representative or Swimming Victoria on 03 9230 9400 or via email at:

You can join your swimming club via Swim Central. For further instructions on how to join please refer to our Swim Central Resources. Both these links are available on our home page.


Parent/Guardian Members

As the 1st July 2019, the Swimming Victoria Board made it a mandatory requirement for all members under the age 18 to have a dry member registered as well. The reason for this is to ensure we have the correct contact details as we can no longer talk to minors directly. By having the guardian members registered it also increases the cyber security we offer and protects the junior member in the online environment. In addition to this it also enables the family to have a vote at their clubs AGM’s and provides insurance for the guardian should they volunteer at the club.


Membership Fees

Most clubs charge club membership fees on top of the amount indicated and this can be discussed directly with the club.

Please find below the membership fees for the 2021/22 season. We understand times are challenging and we have done the best we can to reduce fees to support members to continue swimming in the upcoming season. 


Membership Category (20/21)


SV Fee


Dry Member




(8 years & under)




(9 years & over)





Based on recent feedback, we have also introduced a family discount alongside the above individual membership fees, A family discount only applies when all family members purchase a membership in one transaction on Swim Central. Details of the discount are below. 

  • 5 % discount when 3 family members sign up to any Victorian membership at the same time. 
  • 7.5% discount when 4 family members sign up to any Victorian membership at the same time. 
  • 10% discount when 5 or more family members sign up to any Victorian membership at the same time. 

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact your club representative or Swimming Victoria at 

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