FUN SWIM – Swimming Victoria’s Race-Ready Skills Program

02 December 2021
Written by: Swimming Victoria

Swimming Victoria (SV) today announced the launch of its FUN SWIM program, an exciting new initiative designed to help get young swimmers ‘race-ready’ and introduce them to the club environment.  It not only provides ongoing training and competition opportunities, but also vitally important support, friendship and fun.

FUN SWIM provides swimmers with a fun and engaging program to explore racing and develop and improve ‘race ready’ skills. It introduces swimmers to racing and squad style swimming in a fun, once-a-week, or one-off program.

The aim is to provide swimmers who are interested in future competition with a clear, high quality, consistent, and well-resourced program to encourage and support their transition into the club environment. The key is for clubs and Learn To Swim (LTS) programs to work in collaboration to create and strengthen pathways, an approach which will in turn create positive transition experiences into clubs.

“This free program is available to 7–12 year olds who are in LTS programs, but want to try racing,” explains Clare Burton, Swimming Victoria’s Club Development Manager. “Competent swimmers in this primary-school age bracket are encouraged to take part in the program, which will run in conjunction with their swim school and local swimming club.”

“That pathway is so important,” Clare says. “If the transition is a positive experience for swimmers, it can benefit both LTS and clubs, by attracting more kids into LTS at beginner level and assisting clubs by identifying young athletes who could benefit enormously from the support and opportunities available in a club environment.”

There are two program format options available, giving organisers the flexibility to align with existing programs or squads: A five-week program or a stand-alone swim meet format.

There is no charge to clubs or swim schools for the program – all you need to do is sign a service agreement with SV to deliver the program, and we’ll provide you with a complete FUN SWIM kit that comes with everything you need.

The FUN SWIM service kit includes sample session plans and event lists to help organisers. All sample templates are flexible enough to be adapted to suit the needs of any club or swim school delivering the program. The service kit also includes branded promotional tools including the FUN SWIM logo, social media share tiles, editable flyers to include swim school or club details and event details, and branded letterhead - everything you need to be ready to go.

Jason Hellwig, CEO of Swimming Victoria, says “FUN SWIM will be a game-changer for many young swimmers, supporting them to develop a life-long participation in the sport of swimming.”

“We are delighted to share our FUN SWIM program with the industry,” he says. “While it is a free resource produced by Swimming Victoria, we believe it has enormous value and creates an exciting opportunity for us to support the creation of genuine partnerships between LTS and swimming clubs.”

To find out more about the program or enquire about how your swim school or club could be a FUN SWIM service provider, please get in touch with SV via

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