Managing questions and clarifications as restrictions ease

17 June 2020
Written by: Swimming Victoria

With the recent update from the State Government on the easing of restrictions, Swimming Victoria is working with VicSport and Sport & Rec Victoria (SRV), to clarify what this means for our swimming community in regard to getting back into the pool.

These organisations are there to support us as we seek to interpret the changing guidelines into the specific context of swimming. We are working with Government to assist in responding to questions and clarifications as the COVID restrictions ease and, at the same time, become more specific. 

The following process will ensure timely and consistent responses to our questions and concerns.  It will make it easier for Government to consider the issues and assist Swimming Victoria to provide, accurate and up to date swimming specific information.

  • We ask members to send their questions and requests for clarifications on the guidelines directly to Swimming Victoria, via Clare Burton
  • We will collate these and forward to SRV and VicSport directly to be taken to Government or appropriate working group for a response.
  • Answers will be provided to us and we will share with members directly.
  • We’ve had a commitment that the SRV website will be updated more regularly, and this may become a daily update.

Questions about the guidelines are GOOD! We need them to keep the decision makers thinking about best practice for swimming clubs in the current situation. While members of the public are of course free to contact Government and Ministers directly, the time it takes to prepare responses is not consistent with the changing pace of the present situation.  These responses take time away from people who are otherwise assisting in managing the unwinding process and become redundant as the questions asked are no longer relevant to the current restrictions. A single line of communication through SV will create a more efficient and relevant process.

We are currently seeking clarification on the following:

  1. “There are no limits on the number of people per group or class if all participants are 18 years old or younger.”

Does the 20 people max in swimming pools apply for those aged 18 and under?

  1. “Spectators for training and competitions must abide by gathering restrictions – spectators should be in groups of no more than 20 and spread out around the ground or venue.”

Does the 20 people in swimming pools apply to only those in the water?  Can we have groups of 20 spectators on deck plus 20 in the water? If this is the case, given only a maximum of 8 people are in a race at the one time, theoretically, can we have many more people who would alternate in groups of 8 to compete. And again, if this is the case, how many people are allowed poolside waiting for their turn to race? If they are aged 18 and under, is it’s unlimited?

  1. “Organised non-contact competitions are allowed for all age groups if participants can keep 1.5 metres between them and there are no more than 20 participants in the competition.”

As a non-contact sport, is swimming eligible to resume competition for all age groups given the final point above? There are typically only 8 swimmers per race, and they are greater than 1.5m apart.

Thanks for working with us as we navigate our return to the pool. If you have any questions or concerns please get in contact with

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