Performance Pathways Program

The Swimming Victoria Performance Pathways Program underpins Swimming
Australia (SAL) and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) to provide an integrated pathway for athlete
and coach development for success within the State, and on the National & International stage.
As part of the annual review process, the pathway has been streamlined and now provides clearer
pathway progression for open water and multi-class athletes. An underpinning District Development
Program has also been introduced to support a greater number of athletes and coaches across the

2019 Performance Pathways Program Selection Criteria

2019 Performance Pathways Program Booklet

  • Victorian PhysioHealth State Team
  • The Victorian State Team competes at the annual State Teams Championships in Canberra.

    The 2019 PhysioHealth Victorian Team will travel to Canberra on Thursday 3rd October 2019 to compete in the 2019 State Teams Championships from the 4-6 October 2019. 

    Athletes and Coaches wishing to be considered for the Team will need to complete and return an Availability form. 

    2019 State Teams Athlete Selection Criteria

    2019 State Teams Athlete Availability Form (due September 1 2019)

    2019 State Teams Coach Selection & Availability Form (due August 16 2019) 


    Last year, our PhysioHealth Victorian State Team delivered our best result since 2012 at the 2018 State Teams Championships. We saw some great swimming, new records set, unforgettable memories made and a strong team spirit which secured our second-place finish.

    Well done to all athletes, coaches, technical officials and support staff for their efforts and achievements at the 2018 State Teams Championships. Also, a big thank you to PhysioHealth for supporting the team, in particular, team Physio, Alicia, and to EVO Sportswear for decking out the team in their uniforms. 

  • Flippers Program
  • To prepare Australia’s next generation of swimmers for senior performance excellence, SAL, through the State Technical Directors has thoroughly reviewed the Performance Pathway program. The State and National Talent Program now will be known as Swimming Australia’s ‘Flippers’ program. The program will feature a combination of activities delivered by each State and Nationally with the aim of preparing identified athletes to successfully transition to the pinnacle of swimming in Australia - the Dolphins Swim Team.etes, while also positively impacting the daily training environment for all swimmers within the home program.

    These programs are managed by SAL’s Performance Pathway staff and the relevant State Swimming Associations (SSA’s). Primarily, the Flippers programs are funded by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), State Swimming Associations and will include a small financial contribution from each participating athlete.

    The Performance Pathway programs will assist in nurturing and developing your sporting potential by focusing on the three E’s - education, environments and experience.

    Squad Lists 

    2019 National & State Flipper Squad


  • Performance Squad
  • Athletes are identified from performances from the recent Australian Age Championships. Athletes were selected if they placed within the top 10 Australians in an event. 

    As part of the Performance program, athletes and their coaches are invited to multiple activities which over the course of the next 12 months. The focus of these activities is to bring the top open water athletes and coaches together in a high performance training environment to share and develop their own skills and knowledge.

    Squad List

    2019 Performance Squad


  • Country Squad
  • As part of the Country program, athletes and their coaches are invited to an overnight high performance camp (accommodation and meals provided). The focus of this camp is to bring the top country athletes and coaches together in a high performance training environment to share and develop their own skills and knowledge.

    Squad List

    2019 Country Squad


  • Multi Class Squad
  • Athletes are selected into the Multi-Class Squad through achieving a pre-determined Multi-Class Point Score dependent on their personal classification. Athletes and their coaches will be invited to multiple workshops across the season which aim to educate them on the Para Pathway, as well as identifying the athletes strengths and weaknesses through conducting various pool testing protocols.

    Squad List

    2019 Multi-Class Squad

  • Open Water Squad
  • Athletes are selected into the Open Water Squad through performances at the National Open Water Championships. Athletes and their coaches will be invited to various trainings and clinics throughout the season, with a focus on preparing athletes for success at a National level. Selected athletes will also be given the opportunity to represent Victoria and travel to Queensland to race at their State Open Water Championships as part of a touring squad.


    Squad Lists

    2019 Open Water Squad


  • Junior Talent
  • The Junior Talent Squad consists of athletes aged 12-13 selected through performances at both the State Long and Short Course Championships. Athletes and their coaches are invited to a number of training sessions throughout the season. The major focus of the Junior Talent Squad is to continue to develop the athletes skills, and in particular encourage athletes to train all strokes and progress as Individual Medley swimmers.


    1 February - MSAC

    24 May - MSAC

    28 June - MSAC

    Squad List

    2019/20 Junior Talent Squad - Selected off Age LC

  • Junior Excellence Program
  • Swimming Victoria in conjunction with Swimming Australia coordinates the Bio Island Junior Excellence Program (JX). The JX program exists to encourage swimmers to strive to achieve set qualifying times throughout the season.

    The Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Program (JX), recognises rewards and encourages junior swimmers who, through their development of aquatic skills and fitness, achieve a high standard of swimming excellence.

    For further information, please visit Swimming Australia’s website by clicking here


  • Touring Squads
  • Swimming Victoria provide interstate and international racing experience for selected athletes.

    Singapore Tour & Japan Tour

    The targeted age group for these Tours are 17 years and over for females and 18 years and over for males and supports athletes who are on the pathway to Senior Team Selection.  

    These opportunities aim to provide invaluable travel and race experience for athletes and coaches to perform on the world stage as we support their continued development and preparation into Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

    Open Water Tour

    With the review of the Swimming Victoria Performance Pathways Program last year, it was determined that more opportunities need to be created for Victorian Open Water Swimmers to continue along the pathway to National success. Swimming Victoria is now providing an opportunity to travel to and compete in the QLD Open Water Championships. This opportunity is available to the highest available finishing 4 males and 4 females from the 2018 Australian Open Water Championships. 

  • District Development Program
  • The District Development Program underpins our SV Performance Pathways Program to provide an integrated pathway for athlete and coach development.  

    The purpose of the program is to develop the skills required for success at a State and National level and provide a key entry point into the performance pathway, which is aligned to national standards and benchmarks.

    The aim of the District Development Program is to:

    1. Develop the skills of State level swimmers into the skills of National Age level swimmers;
    2. Create more opportunities for our members, while opening the pathway to a broader base of swimmers and coaches.
    3. Expose swimmers and coaches to new opportunities and experiences to further their development; and
    4. Create an upward pressure for success by influencing development at a District level.

    While a key focus of the program is to deliver pool based sessions, Swimming Victoria is committed to developing the whole person. It is for this reason that the education workshops are a core component and align to SV’s overall Education Framework.

    Districts who are interested in hosting a Development Day should contact

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