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On this page you will find a variety of resources that will assist you on your journey as a Technical Official (TO). 

If you can't find a resource or would like further information, please contact us at 

  • Policies, Rules & Resources
  • There are a number of resources available for TOs related to officiating policies and rules, which have been linked below. It is important as a TO that you are familiar and stay up to date with policies and procedures relating to officiating, including the Competition Policies & By-Laws.

    Policies & Rules  
    Swimming Victoria - Values & Behaviours Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Protests and Juries of Appeal Information & Process Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Protest Form Click here

    Swimming Victoria - Rule Tolerances (for use at encouragement & non-qualifying events)

    Swimming Victoria - Rule Tolerances Slip (print size)

    Click here

    Click here

    Swimming Victoria - Guidelines for 11/Under Swimwear Rules Click here
    Swimming Victoria - 11 & Under Swimsuit Policy Update Information Webinar Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Rostering Procedure (July 2020) Click here

    Swimming Victoria - Travel Allowance Policy (January 2020)

    Swimming Victoria - Travel Allowance Claim Form

    Click here

    Click here

    Swimming Victoria - TODC District Liaison  Click here
    Swimming Victoria - 2020/21 District Referees  Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Backstroke Ledge Protocol (inc. information on how to install & remove) Click here
    Swimming Victoria - NOAP Assessment Criteria Overview Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Assessors List Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Radio Protocols Click here
    Swimming Australia - Pool Deck Officials Protocol (March 2018) - for use at all Victorian competitions Click here
    Swimming Australia - Overseas Technical Official Participation Policy Click here
    Swimming Australia - Dive Entry - Competitive Swimming Policy  Click here
    TO Development Pathway information booklet Click here
    Quick Reference Infraction Card (May 2018) Click here 
    Swimming Victoria - Statement by Supplier



    Swimming Australia - Match Fixing Training* Click here
    Swimming Victoria - Travel Allowance Policy Claim Form  Click here


    *Swimming Australia requires all TOs who nominate for national rosters to also undertake match Fixing Education/Training

  • Uniforms & recognition
  • TOs will be given a blue TO polo shirt when officiating at SV competitions. Officials are asked to wear this with their own black trousers / black skirt / black tailored shorts and black or white shoes (runners).

    When officiating at school competitions, the white SV polo is to be worn. Clubs and Districts will often stipulate which polo can be worn at their competitions so check with the competition host what they would like you to wear. 

    TOs who officiate at SV competitions will receive a per diem of $50 per session as an honorarium, provided they have submitted a Statement by Supplier to SV. This is an ATO requirement. 

    SV will also provide light refreshments at the conclusion of sessions at SV competitions. At other events, reimbursements and/or refreshments are at the discretion of the competition host. 

    For all TO uniform requirements, please click here. For requests and more information on uniform, please contact Swimming Victoria at 

  • Book a Technical Official (Schools & Associations)
  • Schools and Associations can request the use of TOs for their swimming competitions. 

    A detailed explanation of the officials booking procedure, officials requirements and meet approval criteria can be found in the School Meet Information & Officiating Policy.

    To request a booking, complete the Officials Request Form (2020/21).

    This form must be submitted to Swimming Victoria a minimum of 28 days prior to the date of the competition. Swimming Victoria cannot guarantee that your request will be filled, however we will try all avenues to ensure TOs can assist at your competition. 

    If you would like your meet to be a qualifying meet (so that times can be formally recorded in the national database) please also complete the School Meet Summary Form. This is for proposed qualifying competitionsonly. 

    For any further enquiries, please contact 

  • Technical & Officials Development Committee (TODC)
  • The Technical & Officials Development Committee (TODC) acts under the Swimming Victoria Board and reports to the Board and CEO on matters relating to the education and development of all Technical Officials in Victoria. After each meeting, a summarised version of the minutes will be linked below to provide an overview of topics discussed at each meeting and allow everyone to see what the TODC is working on. 

    November 2019 Click here
    December 2019 Click here
    January 2020 Click here
    February 2020 Click here
    March 2020 Click here
    April 2020 Click here
    May 2020 Click here
    July 2020 Click here
    August 2020 Click here
    October 2020 Click here
    December 2020 Click here
    February 2021 Click here
    March 2021 Click here
    April 2021 Click here
    June 2021 Click here
    July 2021 Click here
    September 2021  


  • Official Business - TO Newsletter
  • Official Business is the Victorian Technical Officials newsletter than is prepared by the SV office and aims to be a one-stop-shop for all official related news, updates and opportunities. If you are not receiving this and would like to, please let us know by emailing 

    Past Issues Link
    August 2019 Click here
    November 2019 Click here
    March 2020 Click here
    August 2020 Click here
    December 2020 Click here
    March 2021 Click here
    August 2021 Click here


  • Qualification Updates
  • Congratulations to all of our Technical Officials who gain or upgrade their qualifications. Our sport would not happen without dedicated officials, we thank you for your commitment. 

    If you think we may have missed your qualification update, please let us know. 

    Time Period  Link
    January 2020 - November 2020 Click here
    December 2020 - March 2021 Click here
    April 2021 - July 2021 Click here


  • SV TO Assessor Resources
  • Swimming Victoria is appreciative of all the technical officials do to assist on pool deck, behind the scenes at competitions and within the Club and District environment throughout Victoria. The training and development of officials is a critical aspect in the sport of swimming and the role assessors play in developing and accrediting officials is integral to the growth of our sport. 

    To notify the SV office that you have assessed an official, please use the assessment notification tool found here

    To access the resources available to assessors throughout Victoria, please click here

    If you have any questions or would like access to any resources, please let us know via email at 

  • Multi-Class Swimming - LEXI Classification Tool
  • Classification in para swimming, and all para-sports, creates a framework that enables competitive sport by placing athletes with affected movement, coordination, vision or intellect together in groups called classes.

    LEXI is a system that explains para‑sport classification which is what groups athletes and enables competition. LEXI uses unisex figures and traffic‑light colours to illustrate areas of reduced coordination, movement or vision.

    The LEXI website is easy-to-use and explains each of the swimming classifications.

    Click here to have a look and improve your para-swimming knowledge.  



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