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Unlike some sports, swimming needs numerous Technical Officials are required on pool deck to make a competition run smoothly. Some roles only require introductory training so if you would like to have the best seat in the house at a swimming competition and be actively involved in a child's sport we'd love to have you with us. Our team of seasoned technical officials will welcome you with open arms and take you under their wing to show you the ropes.

When you volunteer at a Swimming Victoria meet, you will receive a $50 per diem each session. Many clubs and district also provide honorariums and refreshments as a gesture of thanks for you volunteering your time. 

  • Club / District Competitions
  • Allocation of Technical Officials for club and distrct competitions is managed by the individual district / club. If you are interested in officiating at one of these events, please contact the district referee or clubs' competition officer to indicate your interest. Dates of these meets and contact details are listed on the competitions calendar

  • Swimming Victoria Competitions & Roster Calls
  • So that we can know who is available to officiate at each SV competition an email is sent to all active officials prior to each competition. If you are interested in officiating at a competition, simply click one of the links below in the 'Roster Call' column and note your availability. SV will then send out the roster 7-10 days prior to a competition. If you are not receiving roster calls please contact rosters@vic.swimming.org.au. 

    All competitions below are subject to change, based on COVID-19 restrictions and Government guidelines. 

    MEET NAME    






    Victorian Relay Competition

    Jun 26, 2021 Mon May 24, 2021 Fri Jun 30, 2021 Closed Click here
    2021 Metro Short Course Championships Postponed        
    2021 Country Short Course Championships Oct 9-10, 2021 Fri Aug 20, 2021 Fri Sept 24, 2021 Click here  
    2021 Victorian Age SC Championships Postponed        
    2021 Victorian Open SC Championships Sept 11-12, 2021 Mon Jul 5, 2021 Fri Aug 27, 2021 Click here  
    Country Junior District Competition Nov 6, 2021 Mon Sept 6, 2021 Fri Oct 29, 2021    
    Metro Junior District Competition Nov 7, 2021 Mon Sept 6, 2021 Fri Oct 29, 2021    
    Victorian Qualifying Competition Nov 27-28, 2021 Mon Sept 20, 2021 Fri Nov 12, 2021    
    2021 Victorian Age Long Course Championships Dec 15-19, 2021 Mon Oct 11, 2021 Fri Dec 3, 2021    
    2022 Victorian Sprint Championships Jan 15-16, 2022 Mon Nov 8, 2021 Fri Dec 31, 2021    
    2022 Victorian Country Long Course Championships Jan 22-24, 2022 Mon Nov 15, 2021 Fri Jan 7, 2022    
    2022 Victorian Open Long Course Championships Feb 11-13, 2022 Mon Dec 6, 2021 Fri Jan 28, 2022    
    2022 Victorian Metro Long Course Championships Mar 11-14, 2022 Mon Dec 27, 2021 Fri Feb 18, 2021    
    Country All Junior Competition* TBC        
    Metro All Junior Competition* TBC        
    Country Interdistrict* TBC        
    Victorian Development Competition  TBC        
    Victorian School Associations Competition TBC        

    *Pending the 2022 Grand Prix dates

  • Swimming Australia Competitions and Roster Calls
  • Swimming Victoria distributes roster calls for Swimming Australia competitions via email to all active TO's. Swimming Australia then makes all TO appointments and will notify applicants accordingly. If you have any questions about officiating at Swimming Australia events, please contact them directly at officiating@swimming.org.au. 

    Swimming Australia has recently started an Officiating Australia mailing list which allows recipients to hear directly from them regarding officiating matters and receive officiating news and information as well as national roster calls. It is designed for experienced, new, 'maybe one day' officials, administrators and coaches. To sign up, click here. You can unsubscribe at any time or update your contact details via the link in emails. 

  • School Associations Competitions
  • A number of school associations request TOs to assist with their competitions. If you are interested in officiating at one of these meets, mark your availability under the relevant competition. SV will notify you prior to the competition if you have been appointed. 

    Appointed TOs are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the first event and wear the white SV polo shirt and black trousers/skirt/shorts. 

    Click here for details of school events, school event roster calls and for further details on how to nominate. 

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