Life Members


  Mr GF Crane*   1993 Mrs Nicole Stevenson (Livingstone)
  Mr FG Richardson* 1993 Mrs  E Carmichael*
  Mr H Snape* 1993 Mr Peter G  Foard*
  Mr G Maynard* 1996 Mrs Margaret Cain*
  Mr AR Horton* 1996 Mr  David G  Cook*
  Mr C Harsley* 1997 Mr Russell Bowen*
  Sir Beaurepaire KB* 1997 Mrs Margaret Hanlon
1932 Mr  AE George* 2000 Dr Anthony (Tony)  Woodhouse
1932 Mr JJ Lock* 2001 Mr Michael Klim
1942 Mr AWB Fawcett* 2002 Mr Lew Cooper
1945 Mr T Richardson* 2002 Mrs Patricia Digby
1945 Mr HA Bennett* 2005 Mr Matthew Welsh
1947 Mr SJL Harris* 2008 Ms Brooke Hanson
1947 Mr SC Becktold* 2008 Mr Peter Sanderson
1952 Mr AN Blue* 2008 Mr Robert Ness*
1953 Mr WTJ Uren CBE* 2009 Mr Maxwell Digby
1954 Mr G King* 2009 Mrs Margaret Smith
1954 Mr LS Warner* 2010 Mr Raymond Davis
1955 Mr WH Slade MBE, KsJ* 2010 Mr Edward Tullberg
1961 Mr B Powell* 2011 Mr Robin Alexander
1962 Mr A Monaghan BEM* 2011 Ms Janice Smith
1963 Mr HHB Ive* 2011 Ms Judith Smith
1963 Mr LM Phillips* 2011 Mr  Chris  Tucker
1966 Mr BA Carter* 2011 Ms  Shayne  Reese
1968 Mr HE Belfrage* 2014 Mr Damian Arnold
1976 Mr Geoff Hare 2016 Mr Don Alchin
1978 Mr CW Millar* 2017 Mr Alexander (Sandy) Frame
1983 Mr RW Carmichael OAM* 2017 Ms Linley Frame
1990 Mrs  GE  Belfrage* 2017 Mr Mack Horton
1990 Miss  E Olson* 2017 Mr Damian Van de Berg
1990 Mrs Judy Joy Davies* 2018 Mrs Margaret Arnold
1990 Mrs M Doak* 2019 Mr Wayne Lawes
1990 Mrs  Palmer* 2019 Ms Sarah Lynch (Katsoulis)
1990 Mrs D Quinton* 2019 Mr Leigh Nugent
1992 Mr Rob Woodhouse 2019 Mr Walter Stables
  • Nominations
  • Nominations

    Clubs, Districts or individual members are invited to nominate Swimming Victoria members for the honour of Life Membership.

    Nominees must meet the criteria specified on the nomination form; confirming their long and meritorious service with Swimming Victoria.


  • Criteria
  • Further information regarding the nomination and selection of Life Members can be found in our General By-Laws.

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